Why still seek patent protection in Brazil?

The country's panorama may seem a little cahotic, specifically when it comes to patenting. However, there are very good reasons it is still worth the investment. Ana Paula Jardim and Andréa Granthon present the country's improvement efforts to comply with its demands.

Posted on: 16/10/2018


Tequila is now recognized in Brazil as a Geographical Indication

From now on, the beverage sold in Brazil can only be labeled as tequila if it is Mexican. In Mexico, the same thing happens with cachaça since 2017, when the agreement was ratified in the country.

Posted on: 3/10/2018


Should fashion articles be protected by copyright?

Partner Daniele Dias Machado evaluates both sides of the discussion, specially in Brazil in a new article for The Trademark Lawyer Magazine.

Posted on: 4/9/2018


Brazil’s new General Data Protection Law is sanctioned by the President

The LGPD establishes a broad data protection regime in Brazil and imposes specific rules for the collection, use, processing and storage of personal data, both electronic and physical.

Posted on: 20/8/2018


Design Protection for Automobile Parts in Brazil: What Changed?

Partners Rodrigo Bonan and Fabio Albergaria explain the recent developments in Brazilian IP Law in the article for The Patent Lawyer Magazine.

Posted on: 31/7/2018


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